Shrouded Strangers have a new LP coming out pretty soon, and I’m really digging the sound of the future.” Austin Town Hall

“Folk, ambient, psychedalia, punk, and pop are all molded together into one monstrous sound.” Popmatters

“I’ve always jammed to Shrouded Strangers, so of course new material means new mass consumption, on my part.  But, the band just put up the closing track to their latest release,Teleport Beach.

“I love the way the tune opens up with this hazy psychedelic stomp; if it kept up with that style alone it would get a lot of love, period. But, the band completely switches positions and styles, turning the track into a charming saloon style boogie with some help from their friends like Nikki West. You can grab the cassette on August 28th from Burger Records!”Austin Town Hall

“Featherbeeed… Maker’s Maaaark…” this isn’t the first time crazee lyrics have taken up residence in my head. You can blame it on the thick guitar fuzz, made-in-heaven riff, and, and yummy psychedelic effects those addled lads called Shrouded Strangers have stirred together for this track.

“Featherbed” is from their new full-length, Lost Forever, which is out now, & enjoys its “national release” next month. Whatever/whenever you call the release, I hope it means a tour with Thee Oh Sees. See what happens when you get a psych-beat addicted headbanger started?” My Old Kentucky Blog

“I now take great pleasure in sharing the best psych-rock album I’ve heard this year. (“Lost Forever.) While lines such as “Don’t look at the pink lightning/If you want to fly forever” contain advice that could be invaluable (or at least seem so at the time) during an intensive acid trip, the really beguiling thing here is Carlson and Scutari’s creative mix of passion with electronics, sound effects, etc.

As an entirety, Lost Forever is absorbing and hypnotic – it works as a full album experience.” Gotbackbeat

“Yeah, the track has a thick coat of atmospheric wash atop it, but beneath it all is brewing this incredible sunny pop element, perhaps influenced by the band’s move to the West Coast.  This is definitely the sort of track where you can just drop out and play it over and over again.  You dig?” – Austin Town Hall

“Even “(Don’t Look At The) Pink Lightning” with its light psychedelic folk-pop intro delves off into the experimental realm. This builds into an anthemic sing-a-long with swirling guitar feedback before dropping into a near a capella conclusion. It’s downright brilliant! The same holds true for the insanely poppy “How The Dead Butter Their Bread”. And what makes it even better: the entire album is like this. It jumps around with almost manic-like fervor, yet maintains a shocking consistency”. – FensePost

““This is a fuzzed out, tripped out; hallucinogenic record that feels like it was pieced together utilizing duct tape, broken instruments, magic mushrooms, and loads of booze. It doesn’t make much sense, it sounds like it could fall apart at any minute and listening to it might or might not generate some sort of contact high.” – POP Stereo

Shrouded Strangers have just leapt to the top of our New Discoveries Most Anticipated List (if we actually had one that is), but no matter, this is the video to skuzzy slacker anthem Featherbed, a glorious amalgam of surf guitars, krautrock rhythms and fuzzed up hillbilly stomp. Just brilliant.” – Mad Mackerel

“But the point I’m trying to make is that The Shrouded Strangers new single Featherbed is a song that demands to be listened to… maybe I should have started this article “The Shrouded Strangers new single, Featherbed, is a song that demands to be listened to”… but you might not have known what I meant.” – PopScene UK

“…haunting fuzzed out guitars – part Duane Eddy, Link Wray and some surf music meets the Gun Club with the drummer working overtime – you’ll love these guys the first time. A more modern comparison is maybe, Japanese Motors from a few years ago, who themselves were channeling some ’60s garage bands. Anyway, this is my new favorite band and will definitely end up on the year end list. – Rock n’ Roll Call

“When the surf gear community locks the door on you, the IMPOSE doors remain cracked for any and all refugee surf rock sounds.  We let these skuzzy Oakland kids party because they recorded their album in the meth-hut riddled woods of Guerneville, CA.   The group embraced the wild life, but kept off the meth, and holed up in a cabin with an 8-track and Coors tall boys to record Lost Forever. Sounds like the proper creative environment to us. Must have been too raw for Billabong.” –

“They are part east cost (DC, PA, VA), part west coast (CA) and their shelf of influences blends that nomadic vibe: equal parts psychedelic, freak-folk, garage-trip, with plenty of sing-a-longs.  Some people say Gun Club, some say Link Wray.  The dropped a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Run Run Run” toward the end of their set and I believe they played  Sonic Youth’s “Washing Machine” earlier on.  Their own catalogue is just as solid, from the over-tanned hum of “Featherbed” to the last-call shanty “Black Tie/White Atlas Shrugged”, to the endlessly strung out “(Don’t Look at The) Pink Lightning”. Brightest Young Things

“Shrouded Strangers is a garage-pop band that stays true to the tropes and sounds of a band labeled garage-pop, while also incorporating deliriously psychedelic elements. Nominally, the band draws influences from the more experimental side of the Beatles, among other British invasion acts. When they get weird, there’s always an undercurrent of pop that keeps the lunacy grounded. On “(Don’t Look at the) Pink Lightning,” even as the track is overcome with hazy reverb, a chant-along refrain keeps the song firmly planted within the boundaries of classic rock ‘n’ roll.” Weekly Volcano (Olympia, WA)

“The Shrouded Strangers portray the realistic lives of platonic male romance, van life, and, most importantly, the wonderful world of boogieboard wipeouts and Myrtle Beach/Virginia Beach babes soundtracked by eight-track recordings.

“Featherbed” keeps up this razzling drunk boardwalk beach vibe, and the video only adds to this song’s power, a mini-surf flick mixing some iconic old footage with every down-and-out booger you’ve ever people-watched…”Eastern Surf magazine.

“Riding in the backseat, watching the scenery, people, and feelings come and go outside your window.  Adventures, uncertainty. Falling asleep under the stars, traveling. Ultimate freedom earned, lasting love. ”  Sincerely California.

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