shrouded_strangers_teleport_beach“teleport beach” lp (2015, burger / sauce)

a couple years after being “lost forever,” the strangers now find themselves stranded on “teleport beach.”

that’s right 39-or-so minutes of deep-space lunacy, interstellar dude-choirs, and extreme guitar cubism.

cassette drops aug. 28 courtesy of the inimitable burger records; digital formats surface thereabouts as well.

shrouded_strangers_cover“lost forever” lp (2013, trade root / izniz)

psych-singalongs, guitar cubism collages, Casio freak-outs, and childhood hallucinations with appalachian jazz flourishes.

dubbed by some as the “best psych-rock album” of the of its respective year which isn’t entirely insignificant.

Check out the tune “featherbed” and peruse jams on the soundcloud. And itunes, amazon, whatever.


live! in bedlam towers! ep (2008, sauce / trade root)

an unforgettable snapshot from an incomparable moment in time finds the strangers…

…”live! in bedlam towers!”

Get it on itunes here.



yes_we_areyes, we are the shrouded strangers lp (1999, sauce / frozen foods)

a loosely-scripted quasi-concept album about nature vs. technology or something, which, in retrospect was pretty forward-looking, as the internet was just getting started at that time.

you can get it on digital outlets like itunes.

check out a selected jam, entitled “walter whitman industrial complex.



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  1. […] psych singalongs and is released via Izniz Records. Can’t wait – order from the band here. Follow @madmackerel Rate this: Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to […]

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