telepoert“teleport beach” lp (2015, TBD)

39-or-so minutes of deep-space lunacy and interstellar dude-choirs.

pervasive themes of unease, disorder, and menace permeate this one.

like, something’s a little bit off.

stay tuned for release details.

shrouded_strangers_cover“lost forever” lp (2013, trade root / izniz)

psych-singalongs, guitar cubism collages, Casio freak-outs, and childhood hallucinations with appalachian jazz flourishes.

itunes, amazon, rhapsody, whatever.


Selected jams:

featherbed (don’t look at the) pink lightningdrinking the spider silk

live! in bedlam towers! ep (2008, sauce / trade root)

an unforgettable snapshot from an incomparable moment in time finds the strangers “live! in bedlam towers!”

Get it on itunes here.

doctoar avoiding the albatrossbedlam towers closing credits theme

yes_we_areyes, we are the shrouded strangers lp (1999, sauce / frozen foods)

a loosely-scripted quasi-concept album about nature vs. technology or something, which, in retrospect was pretty forward-looking, as the internet was just getting started at that time.

you can get it on digital outlets like amazon starting on dec. 16 2014

in the meantime, check out a selected jam, entitled “walter whitman industrial complex.


misc jams

1. late bloomer 1 2. apple with the burning skin 3. jasper’s diagram 4. can you see the swans 5. blast off guerneville-style 6. high mass 7. (it’s a) gentle drop 8. river quartz

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