“night prancing” is potentially a soundtrack to an “unrealized film script” chronicling the adventures of a late-1950s surfer gang (the “night prancers”) in the sleepy coastal hamlet of seaview, washington. vinyl via infinite repeats here.

the vibe of “night prancing” is one of moonlit pacific northwest DUNE PRANCING.

a couple of years after being “lost forever,” the strangers found themselves stranded on “teleport beach”—and loving it.

things get all “lord of the flies-y” quickly: 36-or-so minutes of deep-space lunacy, interstellar dude-choirs, and extreme guitar cubism.

an infrared travelogue of their bumbling (mis)adventures…

they say that “not all who wander are lost.” but the shrouded strangers are.

psych-singalongs, guitar cubism collages, Casio freak-outs, and childhood hallucinations with appalachian jazz flourishes pretty much sums up “lost forever.” 

an unforgettable snapshot from an incomparable moment in time finds the strangers “live! in bedlam towers.”

“yes, we are the shrouded strangers” is a loosely-scripted exploration about nature vs. technology or something, which, in retrospect was arguably forward-looking as the internet was just getting started.

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