** NYC show just added! Dec 28th at the MERCURY LOUNGE with Alana Amram and ZZZwalk! Ticketing link here.

** If it’s mercifully short amateurish videos you crave — particularly those made on a PC and incorporating baseball bloopers from the 80s — do yourself a favor and check out “City Shock” off “Teleport Beach,” the new LP on BURGER RECORDS !!


ss_parrot** Enjoy “TELEPORT BEACH” on Burger’s Bandcamp thing here!

** “teleport beach” now available on tape via BURGER RECORDS HERE!!

**   Austin Town Hall gives “teleport beach’s” psych-roadhouse disaster “let’s trot” some love on their bloggy here!

** “teleport beach,” the new lp, drops aug 28th on BURGER RECORDS (“APPALACHIAN PSYCHEDELIC DIAMONDS MINED FROM THE HILLS OF VIRGINIA!!!” they say!)  Check out “invent a gem” over at Burger’s SOUNDCLOUD here!

** Here’s a video for “invent a gem” from the forthcoming TELEPORT BEACH:

* (left) Laying down a11053720_820570184694957_5707660527682799361_n part for the next-next album in the Time Castle!

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