* “night prancing” is out now on Infinite Repeats (limited edition vinyl).  Spotify here!


*SHOWS announced! (“night jaunting”)

* “Austin Town Hall called “night prancing” “a more fuzzy version of Grandaddy;” Impose said “new school psych rhythms and wavy vocals.”


“to think i was someone else” is the first single off the shrouded strangers’ new album, “night prancing.”

the vibe of “night prancing” is one of moonlit pacific northwest dune prancing.

the video was created by enid ryce, hand painted film, 2019

* Austin Town Hall gives new jam “(He’s a) Bad Guy” some bloggy love!

* If it’s mercifully short amateurish videos you crave — particularly those made on a PC and incorporating baseball bloopers from the 80s — do yourself a favor and check out “City Shock” off “Teleport Beach,”

ss_parrot*   Austin Town Hall gives “teleport beach’s” psych-roadhouse disaster “let’s trot” some love on their bloggy here!

* Here’s a video for “invent a gem” from the forthcoming TELEPORT BEACH:

* (left) Laying down a11053720_820570184694957_5707660527682799361_n part for the next-next album in the Time Castle!

4 Comments on “home”

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