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at long last, the digital re-issue of “yes we are the shrouded strangers” has arrived.

it’s available on digital outlets on dec. 16th.

in the meantime, here’s the politically-charged hit “walter whitman industrial complex.”

(video for “featherbed”)

“I now take great pleasure in sharing the best psych-rock album I’ve heard this year.   I’ve been listening to Lost Forever since early this morning – while working, while writing this, while seeing to my four cats’ incessant demands.

And while lines such as “Don’t look at the pink lightning/If you want to fly forever” contain 1assbandsmalleradvice that could be invaluable (or at least seem so at the time) during an intensive acid trip, the really beguiling thing here is Carlson and Scutari’s creative mix of passion with electronics, sound effects, etc.

As an entirety, Lost Forever is absorbing and hypnotic – it works as a full album experience.”  More here.

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